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School of Secrets

Below are the 8 great routine video demos 

Coins Across

Six quarters are borrowed and shown freely. One at a time they jump from one hand to the other. Incredible close up magic that will blow every person you show away. These video tutorials will make this routine fun to learn and very easy to do. You will love it!

The Diamond Spells


Take the 13 diamonds out of any deck. have the spectator shuffle them until totally mixed. They select any one and remembthe selected diamond. it is returned to the packet of cards and thoroughly shuffled again. The the card is revealed by merepelling the selected card. Always works, always stuns and can always be repeated. This video lesson shows you everything you need to know. Very easy to do this strong classic.

The Matrix


This is a fantastic classic effect you and your audiences will truly enjoy. The lesson gives you the method, details and all the handling tips to make this a marquee routine to showcase. You will enjoy learning this one, practising this one and performing this incredible coin roin routine.

A packet of cards are clearly shown and the spectator eliminates cards by color, high or low, even or odd until one card remains. The choices are freely made and the remaining card is clearly shown to be the only one with an odd back. This is really great.  Engages the spectator which always makes the magic more fun. Carry this every where. Packs flat. Plays big.

Always Nine

The spectator selects any number between ten and twenty. From that point on using that selection a series of surprises take please leaving everything inan undeniably coincidental situation. This can be done with any deck of playing cards and is a great one to learn. It gives the student a routine of multi phases. The lesson is easy to follow making a quick learn. Magic is so much fun to do.


Stands for 8 red cards are 8 black cards.  All that is needed to do this amazing routine. A classic packet trick with regular cards from any deck. Two cards are freely selected and shuffled into the cards completely. The cards are even mixed up and down. All the decisions are the spectators choices and low and behold somehow the selected cards reveal themselves. Great magic easy to do and you will love this a lot.