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Performed 100,000+ Times at Walt Disney Resorts and Universal Resorts Orlando

You Only Need to Learn Just One Magic Trick to Be Completely Unforgettable

Make it The Levitator

Gasps of disbelief; wide-eyed wonder – these aren’t just for magicians! Magic is an art waiting for you to embrace it, and it all begins with learning just one trick.

The Levitator, with its Micro Floatation Device, offers you the ability to captivate and to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of anyone watching.

This complete class in a kit contains everything you need to perform impossible feats!

The complete Levitator Master Class is normally $197.

But you can get complete access for just $10!

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  • 🎲 Variety: Float objects like cards, coins, bills, even a French fry!
  • 🍟 Weight: Anything under the weight of an empty soda can comes to life.
  • 🌟 Discover Magic: Embrace the art of magic with just one trick – the Levitator.
  • 🎩 Complete Kit: Includes the innovative Micro Floatation Device for impossible feats.
  • 💡 No Experience Needed: Perfect for beginners, no background in magic required.
  • 🚀 Impactful: Designed for ease of use with a powerful impact.
  • Be the Highlight: It’s your time to shine, surprise, and delight with the Levitator.
  • 🌐 Community: Step into a world of enchantment and connection.
  • 🎓 Master Class Included!
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Attillio’s knowledge of performing helped get my magic on two episodes of Penn & Teller: Fool Us!


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The Levitator is more than a magic kit;

it's your ticket to becoming an unforgettable magician.

📚 Master Essentials Magic:

Learn the #1 skill every magician needs but most overlook. Your journey to magical mastery starts here.

🎓 Fast-Track Learning:

While the easy-to-follow instructional DVD is more than enough to help you learn, the real magic happens in the Conjure Club VIP. Enjoy weekly live workshops and sessions where I personally guide you through the subtleties and nuances required for a masterful performance. This alone is worth more than the asking price!

🤩 Diverse Repertoire:

With over 30 jaw-dropping effects, keep your audience constantly entertained and asking for more.

🛠️ All-Inclusive Kit:

Comes complete with a micro-flotation device, special attachments, custom card clips, lithium batteries, and super-bright LED lights for that extra touch of wonder.


🌟 Clever Methods and Handling:

Designed for both beginners and seasoned magicians, The Levitator uses clever techniques that will leave even the professionals guessing.

🏆 Proven Techniques:

Benefit from methods refined by millions of performances at NBC Universal Orlando.

👏 Proven Responses:

The same techniques that earned a standing ovation at The Magic Castle are now yours.

🎁 It's Our Exclusive Bonus for You:

Join today and gain access to invaluable knowledge from millions of performances, absolutely free! You can cancel Conjurer Club VIP at any time and keep the gift!

Don't just perform magic; own the room with The Levitator. With this kit, you're not just a magician; you're a magical experience creator.

Get the Complete Levitator With Master Class For Just $10


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An on-demand video library of magic routines taught to you by world-class magicians who would regularly charge over $200 a hour for a single private lesson.

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It’s not just a CLUB; it’s your gateway to becoming the magician you dream of being.

What is Conjurer Club?

And continue for $10/month.
Cancel any time and keep the gift!


Here's some of the Other magic you will learn...


Silks Appear Instantly at Finger Tips

Silk Thru iPhone

Pull a Silk Handkerchief Through the Glass of a Borrowed Phone

Misers Dream

Coins Appear at Your Fingertips From Everywhere

Sponge Ball Flurry

An Explosion of Visual Surprise

Wonder Bubble

Turn a Soap Bubble Into Candy, A Coin, a Silk or Even a Solid Bubble

Flip Flop Triumph

An Impromptu Mind-Blowing Routine

Double Triple

A Fascinating Series of Effects With Any Rope

Flash Cash

Instantly Turn Singles Into One Hundred Dollar Bills. You Can Spend Them!

Black Box Bank

A Borrowed Signed Bill Vanishes & Reappears In The Most Impossible Location

Shadow Coins

Coins Magically Move From One Place To Another With The Shadow Of Your Hand

Wine Bottle From Nowhere

A Mysterious Appearance of a Wine Bottle

when you join Conjurer Club VIP, you can learn Hundreds  of Amazing Magic Tricks

All with easy-to-understand lessons and instructions

Unlock immediate access to our extensive library of magic routines and encore-ready effects. Fast-track your progress with weekly live sessions in our VIP Zoom Room. We also add new video tutorials regularly.

...And over 500 more!

And continue for just $10/month.
Cancel any time and keep the gift!


Benefits of Conjurer Club


  • Build strong self-awareness in magic.
  • Learn vital points and how to implement them.
  • Gain new perspectives in your personal style of magic.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of magic applications, principles, and fundamentals.
  • Explore a full variety of methods to enhance your performance.
  • Improve your sleight of hand techniques.
  • Understand the use of gimmicks in magic.
  • Gain knowledge of utilities and their operation.


  • Learn how various props are made and how to work with them.
  • Understand the creation and use of stage furnishings.
  • Acquire knowledge about tables and other stage accessories.


  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of theatre and stage direction.
  • Learn how to structure your routines effectively.
  • Build engaging segues for smooth transitions.
  • Choose the best openers and closers for your show.
  • Develop an enlightened understanding of show structure.
  • Understand proper theatrical blocking and stage direction.


  • Acquire a full understanding of the use of music in magic.
  • Learn how to design your lighting for optimal effect.
  • Apply special effects to enhance your performance.
  • Build and design sets for your shows.


  • Prepare properly for practice to stay show-ready.
  • Learn how to schedule rehearsals effectively.


  • Understand various venues suitable for magic performances.
  • Learn about events that would welcome your performance.
  • Discover opportunities available within 50 miles of where you live.
  • Make contacts and learn how to connect with potential clients.
  • Understand what to charge and how to offer additional services.
  • Learn how to maintain a steady stream of gigs.

And continue for just $10/month.
Cancel any time and keep the gift!