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“I have been a member for about a year and a half and my magic skills have improved so much.” – Michael Moore

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When you join Conjurer Club VIP, you can learn Hundreds  of Amazing Magic Tricks

Unlock immediate access to our extensive library of magic routines and encore-ready effects. Fast-track your progress with weekly live sessions in our VIP Zoom Room. We also add new video tutorials regularly.

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Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $97.00. / year

Author : Jafo


Silks Appear Instantly at Finger Tips. Your hand is completely empty and instantly the silk appears. It’s amazing.

Silk Thru iPhone

Pull a Silk Handkerchief Through the Glass of a Borrowed Phone. The silk you just produced is pulled visual through any screen. You have to see this one. It knocks everyone out.

Misers Dream

Coins Appear at Your Fingertips From anywhere. So many visual variations. It’s beautiful to watch – completely captivating magic.

Sponge Ball Flurry

An Explosion of Visual Surprise. This is Attillio’s original handling and effect with multiple phases. This is stunning visual magic.

Wonder Bubble

Turn a Soap Bubble Into Candy, A Coin, a Silk or Even a Solid Bubble. The routines each contain bubble magic, providing you with a variety of effects, routines, methods, openers, closers and everything in between. Absolutely top class bubble magic.

Flip Flop Triumph

An Impromptu Mind-Blowing Routine. A stunner with any borrowed shuffled deck. No set up. everyone’s mind gets blown. This is just one of so many great routines with cards.  You get them all inside your library.

Double Triple

A Fascinating Series of Effects With Any Rope. This is a spotlight show piece you can add to any show and instantly have the audience attention.  A beautiful demonstration of beautiful magic.

Flash Cash

Instantly Turn Singles Into One Hundred Dollar Bills. You Can Spend Them! This is an everyday carry. This will be in your pocket from now on I promise.  It’s that good. Wait until you see how slick the set up is. Highly recommend you learn secret.

Black Box Bank

A Borrowed Signed Bill Vanishes & Reappears In The Most Impossible Location. This is so good it can be a closer but I usually do this right before another closer that I show you inside.  This one is part of The Secrets of Conjuring & Magic.

Shadow Coins

Coins Magically Move From One Place To Another With The Shadow Of Your Hand. This one is just pure visual magic. The method I teach will make this easy to learn and perform.  It’s so visual, so pure, relaxed and natural.  The Magic just happens.

Wine Bottle From Nowhere

A Mysterious Appearance of a Wine Bottle. Next time you show up as a guest, produce a bottle of wine for the host. This is such a wonderful surprise. Use it at a party, use it in a show. Make other objects appear using this method.

…And over 500 more!

Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $97.00. / year

Author : Jafo


“It is the best investment you can make in learning magic” – Mike Mahan

The Secret of Building an
Impressive Magic Repertoire

🎓Unparalleled Live Instruction: Benefit from live, interactive sessions that feel like a college course on magic.

“All Attillio’s sessions are great.👏👏👏” – Jerry Kardos

🔍In-Depth Learning Materials:– Access a comprehensive library of instructional videos and resources, ensuring a deep dive into the art of magic at any time.

“LOTS of GREAT material.” – John Johnson

📚 Regular Updates and Fresh Content:  Stay continually updated with new tricks and content that keep your practice sessions fresh and engaging.

“Literally a lifetime of magic, as new effects are added from VIP zoom sessions” – Jim Chiamardas

Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $97.00. / year

Author : Jafo

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Jafo profile

Attillio’s knowledge of performing helped get my magic on two episodes of Penn & Teller: Fool Us!


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Practice time can be so fulfilling...

Set aside an hour, and we'll decode complicated techniques with perfect guidance. It makes practicing feel effortless and enjoyable.

When you truly enjoy something, it naturally becomes a priority in your life. With regular practice, the magic continues to grow and flourish. The things we love should always enrich our lives, giving us a sense of fulfillment.

The Great Magic Hall

Attillio created The Great Magic Hall as a venue to showcase the best in magical entertainment. It was also a proving ground where magicians were able to perfect their art under Attillio's guidance.

Meet Attillio

Attillio has been a creative force in the world of magic for over five decades. He founded Theatre Magic at Walt Disney Resorts in Orlando and expanded with three locations in St. Augustine, Florida.

Theatre Magic is renowned for its shops at Universal Studios Orlando, where Attillio has personally trained hundreds of beginners to become magicians. His shops, magic kits, and training styles have been enjoyed by over one million people during his time at Universal.

Attillio's students have achieved remarkable success, performing on prestigious platforms such as Penn & Teller: Fool Us, the Magic Castle in Hollywood, and on cruise ships worldwide. Many have become professional performers at top venues like the Chicago Magic Lounge and Nashville's House of Cards.

Attillio's impact on the magic community has been profound.

Member Success Stories

Jafo profile

Attillio has a way of making even difficult sleights easy to understand. And the direction he’s given me has been extremely valuable.

Magician, Author, Consultant
Jimmy Vee

His knowledge is deep, his skills are vast and his experience is legendary. His passion for magic and teaching magic shines through in all he does. Attillio can make even the most polished prestidigitations more magical.

Jimmy Vee
Magician, Ventriloquist, Author

Attillio not only teaches how the effects work, but why they work. His knowledge of subtlety, psychology, and routining magic is second to none! Save yourself years of trial and error, learn from the best!

Brent Kessler
Magician, Cruise Ship Entertainer

What You'll Find in Your Conjurer Club Toolbox:

🐇 Instant access to the Conjurer Club

An on-demand video library of magic routines taught to you by a world-class magician who would regularly charge over $200 a hour for a single private lesson. Gain new perspectives in your personal style of magic and develop a comprehensive understanding of magic applications, principles, and fundamentals.

🔮 Over 500+ magic routines at your fingertips

Each one taught in an easy-to-follow format…Along with all the details that will leave you feeling confident and wanting to show everyone what you've learned. Improve your sleight of hand techniques and understand the use of gimmicks in magic.

Fast track your progress

We don’t just hand you a video library and leave you! No way – there are weekly live sessions, VIP zoom rooms, and regular updates with new video tutorials. Learn how to schedule rehearsals effectively and prepare properly for practice to stay show-ready.

Friends and family will BEG you to “do that one trick”

And it could all start this weekend – learn the things no magician ever showed you all in one place, inside our super-supportive community full of magicians who love to help you GROW! Acquire a full understanding of the use of music, lights, and special effects in magic.

🎩 Unlock strategies for consistent opportunities to earn

Understand various venues suitable for magic performances and learn how to maintain a steady stream of gigs. Discover opportunities within 50 miles of where you live, and understand what to charge and how to offer additional services.

It’s not just a CLUB; it’s your gateway to becoming the magician you dream of being.


The Levitator

Performed over 100,000 times at Universal Resort Orlando!

The One Magic Trick to Be Completely Unforgettable

Gasps of disbelief; wide-eyed wonder - these aren’t just for magicians! Magic is an art waiting for you to embrace it, and it all begins with learning just one trick.

The Levitator, with its Micro Floatation Device, offers you the ability to captivate and to leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of anyone watching.

This complete class in a kit contains everything you need to perform impossible feats!

Svengali Deck &
Spongeball Magic

The Two Best Kits to Catapult Your Skill!

The Svengali Deck - with video library by Attillio. This deck is not only perfect for beginners but also enhances your entertainment skills, boosts confidence in public speaking, and improves fine motor skills through sleight of hand. Ideal for igniting a new passion or elevating gatherings, it ensures you impress and engage any crowd.

The Spongeball Magic Kit - many magicians use sponge balls, but Attillio’s approach unveils their full potential through a variety of creative techniques and routines. This training not only broadens your repertoire but also sharpens your dexterity and interactive performance skills, essential for captivating and mesmerizing your audience with seemingly simple yet profound magic.


Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $97.00. / year

Author : Jafo

Are there any commitments? Long-term fees?
  • No, there are no long-term commitments or hidden fees; you can cancel anytime. But we're confindent that after your first year, you'll be excited to continue. We have members that are still with us since day one!
I've never done magic before. Is this for me?
  • Absolutely, our lessons cater to all skill levels, including beginners. Even seasoned pros will gain much from Attillio's teaching style.
What happens if I miss a live lesson. Can I watch it later?
  • Yes, all live lessons are recorded and available for replay at your convenience.
Tell me about your cancellation policy.
  • You can get a full refund within 30 days if you return the bonuses.
  • After that, you can cancel at any time and you won't be charged any more. You can keep the bonuses and full access to the library and live lessons until your annual access expires.
Is Attillio a good teacher?
  • Yes, Attillio has decades of experience in training non-magicians and turning them into professional performers. He developed his unique method after training hundreds of people at his magic shops in Universal Resort Orlando!
How much time do I need to dedicate to this?
  • You can learn at your own pace, with lessons designed to fit into a busy schedule.
What do I do if I have trouble accessing any of the content?
  • Attillio takes customer service seriously and personally addresses any technical issues you may encounter.
How do you use my personal information?
  • We prioritize your privacy and use your information solely to enhance your learning experience; it is never shared with third parties.

MORE Member Success Stories:

That detail of explanation is invaluable to doing this trick with confidence. No practice time wasted trying to figure it out.

Gary Draeger

Great routines, nice job!

Thomas Salvador

I love the levitator classes. I always pick up something new.

Rod Gagnon

Great class! Thank you!

Parshu Anantharam

I really enjoyed learning the levitator from your zoom calls

Lindsey Smith

Great lecture.

Dustin Thomas

Love it. Been a VIP from the beginning!

Gary Hartman


Don Severn

Great info Attillio!! Thank you!!


Thank you for a smooth session!

Mark Cahill


Ira West

If you’re here and you’re not VIP I highly recommend that you join. This is the best value im magic. The weekly lessons are worth thousands. Not to mention the massive library. I have been a member for about a year and a half and my magic skills have improved so much.

Michael Moore

Happy to have joined as a VIP. I really enjoy learning magic theory as well as presentation. This type of experience is not available online anywhere else.

Mike Mahan

I was checking out the library before my show today. LOTS of GREAT material.

John Johnson

More than worth the price you pay. Better then any program out there

Kevin Glumm

So much to learn and well worth the VIP price!

William Osburn

It’s a flat out steal

Rod Gagnon

Become a VIP for life. It’s more than worth it. It’s a really great value.

Jerry Kardos

Love these sessions, lots of great info….Thank you!


thank you for all the ideas skills that you share with us

Dennis Smolinski

The Theatre Magic VIP program is a fantastic value. It is available at an amazingly low cost that gives you access to multiple weekly live sessions and the hundreds of instructional videos on the website. It is the best investment you can make in learning magic

Mike Mahan

The teaching about blocking, stage movement, etc. are also pure gold!

William Osburn

Appreciate you and all you do :)👍


You are the only one teaching this stuff.

Ira West

A lot of material that I haven’t seen before


Great session, learned a lot, thanks

Don Severn

I love this. So simple going to be working it this week

This is the best training and best explanation and best videos you can get for the price never find any other person to train you for the price other magicians charge 25 to 50 dollars or more an hr


All Attillio’s sessions are great.👏👏👏

Jerry Kardos

I love the session tonight. It’s like a college course on magic. I would like more of this!!!

Michael Moore

Been a VIP for over two years Great value!

David Walker

Lifetime is the only way to go if you want to take your magic to the next level and beyond 🙂

Bob Rozanski

Your hard work is greatly appreciated!!!

Gary Hartman

You sharing your knowledge is worth way more than the price you charge for the Monthly VIP!!!!!!! An Awesome Value 🙂

Bob Rozanski

You the man Attillio!

Ivan Mazurkiewicz

I’m a VIP. And I subscribe to almost all of the magic streams. There ain’t nuttin like this. A live professional magician that is not in a rush and wants you to be a success. This is a steal.

Rod Gagnon


Ty Dibble

Tonight showed the most details yet, thank you. Looking forward to the replay to practice

Chris Gray

The detail you provide is so detailed – along with the detailed explanation for each move.. True professional… Easy to tell you not only love performing – but teaching it as well.

Gary Draeger

Literally a lifetime of magic, as new effects are added from VIP zoom sessions

Jim Chiamardas

Great insights!! 👊🏻

Mark Salopek

Going lifetime when this year runs through.

Dustin Thomas