Double Key Location

ASDIU – A Shuffled Deck In Use – one of the holy grails of card magicians!

Yes, any effect that can be done with ASDIU is powerful, memorable magic indeed. It is truly the stuff that reputations are built on.

This fits squarely in that category. It’s super easy, especially if you know a basic key card principle already. But with this, you’ll have a double key effect loaded in the chamber and ready to fire any time you’re near ASDIU.



This effect is a true reputation maker…

The magician is acting a bit odd. He isn’t holding a deck of cards – but merely…pretending to. The audience gets in on the act at “selects” one of the cards from the “deck”.

Their friends laugh as it’s shown around. “Oh sure, I have the card memorized!”

But wait, there’s a real deck in the magician’s hands now. And all of the cards are face up! Except for one card that is face down!

Could it be? The spectator pulls it out and turns it over to find…

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