ESP Cards

You or your spectator may not have any special mental powers, but when you learn this effect, you’re going to convince anyone that the mind is more powerful than they thought.

The Zener Cards – known also as the ESP Deck – were created back in the 1930s as a way of testing for extra sensory perception. So when you do this routine for a spectator, they’re already expecting something special. And wow, does this deliver!

So much mixing and so much shuffling happens – so when you reveal the amazing ‘coincidence’ that has taken place, the only explanation is that the mind is a powerful thing.

This is a reputation maker.

Everybody Wins

This is not your typical ‘sucker’ type routine. This one involves a lot of fun by-play with a spectator in which you give them a ‘chance’ to win a valuable prize.

In a fun twist the spectator ends up with the biggest prize of them all – but not in the way that anyone suspects.

Set ’em up!

21 Card Trick

Wait, what? You don’t know the 21 Card Trick? Like, for real?

Well buckle up, because this is a lesson worth taking. The 21 Card Trick is probably one of the most classic of all card tricks. Even though it’s a trick that almost every layman knows, you’re about to take a journey into the real work that will bring any amateur to their knees.

Oh, you have heard of the 21 Card Trick! Well with these methods in your arsenal, you’re going to spin the heads of anyone who claims to ‘know’ how this works.

So get going already!

If you get all three of these incredible effects, you’ll have free access to next week’s live workshop featuring all three of these amazing magic tricks!

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ESP Cards - DMC$1.00
Everybody Wins - DMC$1.00

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