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Remember the trick that went wrong?


how does it feel

How did that make you feel?

Were you embarrassed? Did it shake your confidence?

The fear of failure in magic isn’t just about a trick gone bad; it’s a deeply personal experience that can affect how you see yourself as a performer and even deter you from trying again.

nervous on stage

That embarrassment isn’t a fleeting moment

It lingers, casting a shadow over your passion for magic.

The more you mess up, the more you doubt your abilities. It’s not just about one failed trick; it’s about a growing fear that keeps you from performing, from sharing your magic with those you care about.

It’s a cycle of failure that can rob you of the joy and wonder that drew you to magic in the first place.

how did he do that

The path to magical success

isn’t a solitary journey

It requires guidance, support, and quality coaching. That’s where Conjurer Club comes in.

With my instruction, personalized training, and a community of fellow magic enthusiasts, I provides an environment for you to overcome hesitation, master your craft, and perform with confidence.

No more fear, no more doubt – only the confidence and skill to perform magic the way you’ve always dreamed.

Meet Your Instructor


Attillio’s expertise extends beyond performance

He has personally trained successful magicians who have gone on to perform on world stages like Penn & Teller: Fool Us, America’s Got Talent, and The Magic Castle.

As the guiding force behind Conjurer Club, Attillio brings decades of experience both on stage and behind the scenes. His career includes creating a successful magic brand in Walt Disney Resorts and Universal Resort Orlando.

He also created The Great Magic Hall, a renowned magic venue hosting world-class magicians. With Attillio’s profound knowledge and passion for teaching, Conjurer Club transforms hesitant hobbyists into confident performers, turning mistakes into mastery and fear into unshakable confidence.

Conjurer Club is more than just a course.
It’s a comprehensive magic education platform designed to improve your performances.

how did he do that

Here’s What You Get:

  • Weekly Live Sessions: Dive into fresh and captivating magic techniques unveiled every week.
  • Personal Magic Mentor: Benefit from expert guidance at every step of your magical journey.
  • Expanding Video Library: Weekly additions ensure you’re always ahead with elite and innovative tricks.
  • Ever-Evolving Repertoire: Stay updated and continue to grow with our magic collection.
  • LIVE Q&A Sessions: Engage every week, ensuring you’re supported, directed, and enlightened.
  • Lasting Impressions: Watch as your performances multiply, captivating audiences time and time again.
  • Improve Your Performances: Master the art of magic, leaving lasting impressions on every audience.

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